Monday, 31 August 2009

halloween 2 [2009]

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Halloween II (2) 2009 movie will be released on August 28, 2009. This movie directed and written by Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie said the new film as being very realistic and very violent. Wow! it will be a Best Horror Movies of the year! Here is The Halloween II 2009 Synopsis:

In the story, Michael Myers is acted by Tyler Mane, is back from the hell with vane intentions to settle off family scores. This dreadful, mass slaughterer is leaving no stone unturned to get in touch with his sister, Laurie Strode, whom he has left in their old home and she did a lot of screaming in this movie. But honestly there were too many scenes in this film which were set up just for killing someone with no clear reason and clear plot. It was just killing and kill inside, just like forcing the horror situation into your small eyes.

You will see Michael’s face in this movie, it makes him not as Michael but he more like Jason, and you may think that is unbelievable to have the human body that can endure bullets, baseball bats and etc. It just unbelievable to make the human form of him and it successfully makes Michael scary no more. Anyway, it is still fun for the horror movie maniac to watch this movie in the theatre with the great sounds to help you scream out loud or you just can rent it from the blockbuster movie rental to find out how creepy this movie is.

Watch Halloween 2 2009 Movie Online ?

Because of the movie is not released yet, you might be watch the trailer, i will updated this entry when i get the full movie download or online stream. Check me back later.


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